Co-Op Bookstore Initiatives

Save A Bag, Help The Environment

Thank you for doing your part to reduce the use of plastic bags & the detrimental effects they have on the environment.  Every time you used a reusable bag or didn’t take a bag we gave 10¢ to your choice of local environmental initiative.

This Year With Your Help, We Donated $1,550. To The Following Local Initiatives! 

  1. Plant an Old Growth Forest Project
  2. University of Guelph Energy Conservation Fund
  3. Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming - Learning & Research Facility

Based on your save-a-bag choices for last year, the Co-op donated:

Old Growth Forest 750.00

U of G Energy Conservation Fund 500.00

Guelph's Urban Organic Farm 300.00

Remember to bring your reusable bags to the Co-op Bookstore this September!  We’ll continue to make a 10¢ donation to your choice of local environmental initiative each time you refuse a bag.  Together we can do our part!

Textbooks & Custom Course Materials

Thank you for selling back your textbooks to the Co-op Bookstore!  For every 1,000 books we bought back in April we’re planting a tree. Thanks for your help! ·        

The Co-op Bookstore buys back textbooks that will be used on course.

We have partnerships with used textbook wholesalers to buy back textbooks that still have a North American resale value. 

Any textbook that the Co-op or wholesaler can’t buy at the buyback may be sent to Textbooks for Change or Books for Africa.

We keep a recycling bin at the Co-op Bookstore for students to bring used course packs to us for recycling.

Co-owners of is co-owned by the Guelph Campus Co-op and CSA  

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