Co-op Week 2018 is celebrated from October 14-20

'Co-op week is a celebration of Canadian co-operative and credit union members. Co-op Week is always celebrated during the same week as International Credit Union Day, which is the third Thursday in October of each year.

This year's theme celebrates the worker bees and the hive, which are an age-old symbol of the co-operative movement that adorned the very first Rochdale Pioneers store in Manchester, UK. This year, we celebrate the power of the hive mind, working together and solving new challenges."

Sourced with our thanks from Co-op Canada Co-operatives & Mutuals Canada

'Ontario's co-operatives are an important part of the social and economic fabric of the province, and play a key role in building a more sustainable and equitable economy.

Unbeknownst to many, there are an estimated 1,500+ co-operatives, credit unions and caisse populaires in Ontario, operating in 1,900 locations in 400 communities. Ontario’s non-financial co-operatives have more than $30 billion in assets and $2.1 billion in revenue. The sector is owned by more than 1.4 million members and is supported by 49,000 volunteers. On average, about 30 new co-operative businesses are incorporated each year."

Sourced with our thanks from ON CO-OP Ontario Co-operative Association


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