4:30pm - Sept 7th 2023 EBooks and digital codes WORKING WELL

Not to jinx things but the system seems to be working again.   Come on down to your bookstore, or order online, for all your digital fun.

Code redemption site is also working again.    Please try redeeming your codes again.   Should you get any message about having already redeemed your code, please check your email carefully, including your junkmail folder for your publisher code.   Should you not see it please email us at books@bookstore.coop, or stop by the store.   We can resend your publisher code to you.


2pm - sept 7th 2023 Redemption site is DOWN

Trying to redeem your access code?   Seeing nothing but a blank page?   It's not you, it's the system.     Please give it a few hours and try again.   This should all be resolved within 24 hours.   Apologies for the inconvenience.


Noon - Sept 7th 2023 eBooks and digital Codes sLOW, VERY SLOW

It was going so well.   The system for eBooks and Digital codes is running very slowly right now.   This is a temporary load problem but it means that codes ordered online might take a few hours to arrive.   Purchases in store are also very slow.   Given our experience in previous years, the system is slowest between Noon and 4pm.    Consider stopping by after 4pm or early tomorrow morning or this weekend some time.  

Sept 7th 2023 eBooks and Digital Codes WORKING WELL 8:30am

Great news.   eBooks and digital codes are up and working.   Anyone who ordered yesterday should now have their code in their email.  

This is an exceptionally busy day for the system so there are occasional slow downs.   Online orders could take as long as an hour to be emailed their code, which is a bit longer than normal delivery times but it is just volume.    We appreciate your patience.  

You may also stop by the store at any point to purchase your online codes.  

Any other concerns or questions about registration please read our eBook/Access Help section, and our FAQs, stop by the store for in-person assistance or email us at books@bookstore.coop.

Happy First Day of Classes Gryphs!


Sept 6th eBooks and digital codes SYSTEM DOWN

The system that allows us all to get eBooks and digital codes is currently down across Canada.   We apologize for the inconvenience but no eBooks or digital codes are able to be fulfilled currently.   A fix is being worked on and we anticipate it to be working for first day of classes.

Any eBooks or digital codes ordered on our website will not be fulfilled immediately.   You will get a code emailed to you as soon as the system is operational again.   This affects in store and online purchases.

Please allow 24 hours from ordering.   Should you still not have a code please contact the store or look for further updates here.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.


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