First Year Textbook Reservation

Welcome 1st Year Students!

We love helping students at the Co-op Bookstore.  And we help you in person, online, email or by phone! Plus you're always covered by our exclusive Textbook Guarantee.  TEXTBOOK RESERVATION is now OPEN!!!! Here's your form - super easy & fast to complete.


1st Year Student Textbook Reservations are available for pick-up during the first 3 days of Orientation Week, starting with move-in day on campus. Get settled into your new dwelling & then come on down to see us. We'll be specially open for reservation pick-up on the following days:

Sat, Aug 31   10 am - 5 pm

Sun, Sept 1   Noon - 4 pm

Mon, Sept 2 10 am - 4 pm

You'll find us in the basement level of Johnston Hall (residence building with the clock tower, facing Johnston Green).

Please note that on the Saturday & Sunday of move-in weekend, the Bookstore is open only for our new students, making those days the better ones to get your books.  Get settled into Guelph & then come get your books.  After the weekend it starts to get a bit busier as the Co-op Bookstore is open for regular business.  By placing a reservation however, you've eliminated the need to stand in line, so if you do come later and encounter a line simply walk right in and let us know you have an order reserved.

We'll find your order and then review it with you, explain what is required or recommended, what's new and used, and any other questions you might have.  You select the formats and options that will work for you.  It's a great idea to bring in a copy of your course schedule so we can verify that there were no mistakes made in course codes and section numbers.

Any textbook reservations not picked up by the end of Monday, September 3rd at 5pm will be reshelved for other students. Should exceptional circumstances prevent you from being able to pick-up your order on those days, give us a call & we'll try to make alternative arrangements.


Don't pay a dime 'til the end of summer time! Order now & pay later. Don't pay for your order until you pick it up on Labour Day weekend! This will allow you to review the materials we've collected for you and to ensure that you like the condition of any of your used textbooks. Once you're happy with your order the Co-op Bookstore accepts payment of Cash, Debit/Interac, VISA, MasterCard, Co-op Account Card and personal cheques - with i.d. We cannot accept the U of G Textbook Plan.

A note about credit cards:

Should your parent like to authorize the use of their card for your books, please have them contact our Bookstore Manager, Debra McKay, in advance of your arrival to make these arrangements. 

For their convenience, they can use our toll free phone number 1-800-869-2773.

Co-op membership has its benefits:

We’re by students, for students  & we provide the best possible prices on your textbooks. Co-op members get a 5% member discount at the Co-op Bookstore .

Our cashiers will be able to explain all the benefits of Co-op membership to you, and apply the $15 membership fee and immediate discount to your purchase should you choose to join the Co-op.

Note to Parents of New Students We know that you may have a number of questions regarding the textbook requirements for your student. Please click here for helpful information on the Co-op Bookstore and our benefits and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions by 1st Year Students:


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