About Us

Our mission at the Co-op Bookstore is to provide the best prices and services on educational materials to the students of Guelph.  We are a division of the Guelph Campus Co-operative, a student Co-op, owned and operated by our members.  Membership is voluntary, and open to all students at the University of Guelph, and our community members.  We are located in the basement of Johnston Hall in the centre of campus.  During non-pandemics we welcome you into our store to experience our legendary one on one customer service in person.  During pandemics and other interruptions to normal life, we are happy to provide delivery and curbside pick-up options, while providing that excellent customer service by phone or by email.

Our History

The Co-op Bookstore was started in 1913 to provide textbooks to student at the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph (incorporated in 1964 as the University of Guelph).  We have been providing textbooks to the students at Guelph ever since.

The co-operative model was such a success in its first year that it quickly spread to provide other products and services most needed by Guelph students at that time.  The next priority for students in 1914 was getting an ice rink on campus.  The Co-op provided the perfect democratic model for facilitating the fundraising, building and maintenance of a covered ice rink.  Built by the students for the students, it was a huge success, and the Co-op only grew from there.  Over the past century the Guelph Campus Co-operative has run cafeterias, housing, a pharmacy, tuck shops, stationery stores, and an art supplies store to name a few.

Today the Guelph Campus Co-op is still proudly running the Co-op Bookstore, as well as providing a variety of off campus housing for students. http://campuscoopcommons.com/

Please take a tour around our website and let us know if we can help in anyway.  Email books@bookstore.coop or call 519-821-2050 with any questions you might have.


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