Tips and Tricks for accessing ebooks and access codes

When you purchase an eBook or access code from us you are sent a 12 digit alpha-numeric redemption code.  You need to redeem this code for the publisher code.  Do not enter this code directly into publisher sites.

Redeem your redemption code for publisher code here.

You will immediately be emailed the publisher instructions for your product.    This will either be instructions on how to access your eBook through BiblioU, or it will be another (usually much longer) code that will access your eBook on the publisher's website.

BibiloU products do not need another access code.   You simply log into your account at campusebookstore using the email you redeemed your code with.

Publisher codes usually need to be registered with a course ID.   Most courses are set up with a registration link for the eBook in your courselink.   Read over all instructions in your courselink/course outline and use the registration link, or course ID provided.    This is the case for all Revel, MyLab, MindTap, WileyPlus and Connect products.    Should you not be able to find the course ID or registration link, as your professor. 

Please contact us if you have any problems with any of these products.  We know registration can be a bit confusing and we're here to help.   You may stop by the store anytime, call, or email for assistance. 

Thanks and Happy Reading!

I am missing my eBook or redemption code - Help!

There are a number of things that can go awry in this process.   

Your email address was wrong on the original order, and/or when you redeemed your 12-digit redemption code.  

Security filters on your email blocked a message, or sent it to junkmail.   Please add to your address book to help avoid this.

Publisher sends you an email saying the code has been redeemed but they are out of stock and will get back to you in 2-3 days:   Let us know when you get an out of stock notice.    We can have the publisher load more codes asap.   You should receive the eBook code as soon as there is stock, usually within 24 hours, however sometimes these emails do not show up in your inbox.

In any and all of these cases - WE CAN HELP!    Please contact us (email with your original 12-digit redemption code, or online order number, and let us know what you are missing.   If you placed an order and never received a confirmation email, please contact us, tell us what name the order was under, and confirm the email address you want it sent to.    In most cases we can send your code to you immediately, or let you know what the situation and timelines are.

We're here to help!








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