Tips and Tricks for accessing ebooks and access codes

When you purchase an eBook or access code from us you are sent a 12 digit alpha-numeric redemption code.  You need to redeem this code for the publisher code.  Do not enter this code directly into publisher sites.

Redeem your redemption code for publisher code here.

You will immediately be emailed the publisher code for your product.  Ignore the registration instructions provided with the publisher code.  Almost all eBooks and access codes must be registered through your courselink.  Please use the link provided in your course materials to register the publisher code.

Exceptions to the rule are 180 day subscription emails.  When you redeem the code the second email will provide a link to download your eBook.

**FALL 2020 - it's come to our attention that some redemption code emails are showing as blank.  This seems to be a browser problem that we are working to fix.  Please try opening email in Google Chrome.  If you still can't see your redemption code please email us at  Please provide your order number and we will resend you the code.  Our apologies for this glitch**

Please contact us if you have any problems with any of these products.  We know registration can be a bit confusing and we're here to help.

Thanks and Happy Reading!








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