Buyback Hours:

Mon - Fri               10am - 4pm


Co-op Bookstore, Basement of Johnston Hall, University of Guelph


Check current Value:

You may type in the ISBN of your book to check it's current price.  Please note this is a quote only.   Prices are subject to change without notice.   Buyer has final word on whether the book is saleable or not.   Check current value here:

How does buyback work?

We will look at whatever you bring to the buyback table and tell you what the current value is.   Should you like the current value you may sell it to us immediately.   We will provide you with money back on your Debit card, or store credit (with an additional 10% bonus included).

Please note that buyback values change all the time and are based on supply and demand in the North American textbook market.   Should you have any questions about the current value of the book please ask our very knowledgeable buyer.   You always have the option of keeping your book and trying again in another semester if you don't like the current value.


Want to donate your book?  We will be collecting textbook donations at this time for Textbooks for Change.   Should your book have no current value, or you wish to support this program, you may drop it off at the buyback during the above dates and times.

Any questions or comments please reach out to us at


Buyback tips:

Prices are based on demand and subject to change.  The best price for your book is usually at the start of a semester when it is being used again at Guelph.  Not all books are used every semester, and the store only buys for the current semester.  However we work with other schools and wholesalers so even if the book is not being used currently at Guelph we can offer you the best available price from these other sources.   Prices change constantly based on the demand for your book.   We're happy to answer any questions you might have about the current price of your book.

To get the most for your books, make sure they have no:

Remember to bring all CDs, DVDs, workbooks & other package components back for top dollar!

Bring looseleaf books in their binder (if you sell you can keep the binder)

If your books came as part of a set or package don't forget to bring:

We buy new books, used books, looseleaf books, CDs and workbooks.  eBooks are not bought back.  

*iClickers are currently NOT being bought back



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