Daily Buyback is Back again on Wed Feb 27

9:30-4 Don't forget to bring your debit card!

NOTE: Buyback quantities are limited. Prices are subject to change.


Congrats to our lucky January 2019 Buyback Contest Winners -They each won $100!!!

Erin C.

Jessica D.

Katrina K.

Maggie R.

Congrats To Our Lucky December 2018 Buyback Contest Winners-They Each Won $100!!!

Troy S.

Tyler P.

Tanesha B.

Janine H.

Congrats To Our Lucky September 2018 Buyback Contest Winners-They Each Won $100!!!

Judy L.

Jennifer C.

Katharine R.

Kristin J.

Congrats To Our Lucky April 2018 Buyback Contest Winners-They Each Won $100!!!

Caleb B.

Evan S.

Julie G.

Sebastian S.

Used Textbooks

The Co-op takes pride in stocking as many used textbooks each semester as possible. To do this we depend on UofG students to sell their used textbooks back to us. There are a number of factors that affect the price the Co-op can offer for your book

To get the most for your books, make sure they have no:

Remember to bring all CDs, DVDs & package components back for top dollar!

If your books came as part of a set or package don't forget to bring:



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