Buyback on Demand

Buyback is being offered on demand for the rest of the summer.   If you are interested in selling any books please email your list of books to   Include the ISBN, title, author and edition of the book that you are interested in selling.  We will let you know what the current values are, if you then want to sell we can make arrangements for you to either drop off the books, or mail them in.  

Regular buyback will return for the Fall semester.  Stay tuned for dates and times posted closer to September.


Want to donate your book?  Donations can be arranged for drop off.  Donation program is not available through mail.  Donations currently go to Textbooks for Change.

Any questions or comments please reach out to us at


Buyback tips:

Prices are based on demand and subject to change.  The best price for your book is usually at the start of a semester when it is being used again at Guelph.  Not all books are used every semester, and the store only buys for the current semester.  However we work with other schools and wholesalers so even if the book is not being used currently at Guelph we can offer you the best available price from these other sources.   Prices change constantly based on the demand for your book.   We're happy to answer any questions you might have about the current price of your book.

To get the most for your books, make sure they have no:

Remember to bring all CDs, DVDs, workbooks & other package components back for top dollar!

Bring looseleaf books in their binder (if you sell you can keep the binder)

If your books came as part of a set or package don't forget to bring:

We buy new books, used books, looseleaf books, CDs and workbooks.  eBooks are not bought back.  

*iClickers are currently NOT being bought back



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